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“India's No. 1 Touchless Automatic Car Washing System Manufacturers. ”

Our Featured Products

India's first Touchless & Brushless car wash system manufactured by Treo Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
Reduces Time, Effort, Manpower & Cost.
Unique Design, Two cars can be washed simultaneously at the same time.
Ideal for PDI vehicles, also suitable for first and second service vehicles.
Best in class design, achieves cleaning of underbody of any vehicle size. High pressure up to 22 bar, 18 nozzles placed in a manner such that water reaches up to the wheel arches
Quick and Easy to operate, Machine cycle time is just 30 seconds. Approved by JD Power No. 1 Company TVS Motors* for the year 2016/2017.
Portable, Quickly washes and dries any kind of car floor mats and without any damage to the mats.

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